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About us

Deja Brejae has been devoted to producing handmade designs that allow her supporters to love and honor their own unique style. Deja Brejae is a luxury apparel brand that allows individuals of all walks of life to have access to luxury experiences and clothing. Within the brand, we provide an inter-actable service by allowing you to customize your garments with any purchase made thereby giving a more personable experience. The mission is to create clothing that you can customize, tailor and alter to fit the needs of your own body type. By bridging the gap between everyday wear and luxury, we're making handmade designer clothing more accessible to everyone in the world. 

Established in 2020 in Los Angeles, the Deja Brejae brand was brought to life to serve an important purpose in bringing communities, families, friends and unique individuals together. We locally design, produce, distribute, and retail designer fashion products​ that speak to the zeitgeist of the era.  

We love you.

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